French grammar, is it Le or La?

French Grammar hack – choosing “le” or “la”

OK so I’ve had a bit of an epiphany! French grammar has never been my strong point but I’ve just found a nifty trick that will help. I have always been a ‘let a load of French words tumble out of my mouth and see if anyone understands me’ kind of French speaker. I have certainly never taken the time to work out which nouns are masculine or feminine. To me it seemed an impossible task that I was never going to win. But guess what? There is a pattern to this part of the mysterious recipe that is French Grammar!

It turns out that French nouns that have specific endings are all (or mostly) always  either masculine or feminine. All we have to do is learn which endings are which and then put them into practise.

French grammar le or la, how to learn french fast
La Mission commence?


So here goes:

Here are the French noun endings which are usually feminine:

  • -aison : la liaison;
  • -ale : la cathédrale (the cathedral);
  • -ance : la connaissance (the knowledge);
  • -ence : la patience (the patience);
  • -ole : la parole (the word);
  • -sion : la mission (the mission);
  • -té : la légèreté (lightness);
  • -tion : la traduction (the translation);
  • -ude : la certitude (the certainty);
  •  -ure : la culture (the culture.

And here are French noun endings which are usually masculine:

  • -asme : l’enthousiasme (the enthusiasm);
  • -isme : le nationalisme (the nationalism);
  • -eau : le couteau (the knife);
  • -ment : le gouvernement (the government);
  • -acle : le spectacle (the show).

Of course there are more French nouns with different endings than those listed above, but let’s not get ahead of ourselves eh? That’s enough for me to be going on with at least. I got these French grammar tips from French Lab    .

Oh and also I almost forgot, I made a Youtube video about this subject – How to learn French Fast, French lessons and French Tips, Is it le or la? – Ok that title might be a bit long but it does the job!

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