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The French Language and Me

Hello, Thanks for coming to my page, I hope you’ll find the information on here useful.  I have been interested in languages since I was a child. As an actress, voice over artist and also English teacher the use of language features heavily in my everyday life.

I love languages and I really wanted, not only to set a good example to my future children, (I do think it’s important for all kids to learn a second language early – having taught English to both adults and children I can really see the difference in someone who had at least a little language training from an early age), but also to be able to hold a conversation with native French speakers. I had been trying to learn French properly for years. Every holiday in France I’d manage a few sentences but soon get lost whilst talking to shop keepers and locals. As you can imagine if you’ve ever experienced anything like this it  was so frustrating especially as I’d followed several online courses but I never seemed to be improving. Nothing seemed to sound the same as it did when I was sitting in front of my computer at home!

Then in 2012 my husband and I decided we were going to move to France! I couldn’t have been happier except I knew I would really have to tackle one thing now and properly – the French language!

On this blog I share my story of how I’ve learnt French, the ups and downs, what has really worked and finally the one thing that has really helped me achieve my goal of speaking French to a good standard – by that I mean being able to hold a conversation in not only a social situation but also a professional one too.

I hope you enjoy this blog and find the information and resources I have gathered over my journey useful for your own French language learning quest. Feel free to drop me a line about how you’re doing, don’t forget to write to me in French!

All the best,  Amanda


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